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Hi! Thanks so much for tuning in to cook and play with us! We are two silly sisters who’ve always loved helping our mom in the kitchen. Over the summer we watched a kid’s cooking show on YouTube and we thought it looked like so much fun, we wanted to try it too!

We hope that we can help other kids learn to make (and eat!) organic, low-sugar, diet-sensitive, yummy snacks and desserts, that are not only easy to prepare and super tasty, but are actually good for your body too!

We eat lots of fresh, organic, whole foods in our house and love learning about how healthy foods help our bodies and brains grow stronger and smarter. Talia sometimes gets an upset tummy and we found that eating gluten and dairy-free has helped her belly. Our mom is always experimenting in the kitchen with us, discovering new recipes that are low-sugar (so we don’t get the Crazies) and diet sensitive. We make things that are gluten and dairy-free, paleo, vegetarian and vegan too. Even though they are healthy, they still have to be delicious and pass all of our taste tests!

Most importantly, we always add LOVE to our ingredients. Love is what makes our recipes super tasty!

Please share with us how these recipes turn out for you and let us know if there is something special you’d like to learn to make. Feel free to send us pictures of you in the kitchen…it’ll be like a virtual playdate. And we love new friends! 

Thanks so much for joining us!

Here’s a little more about us: