Making Lifeforce Smoothies in Maui, Hawaii at Bamboo Fresh Cafe

Aloha! On one of our recent adventures we visited Michelle at Bamboo Fresh Cafe on the Hawaiian island of Maui where she shared her secret recipe for her famous Lifeforce Smoothies! They were absolutely delicious and full of tropical fruit and healthy superfoods too.

We used all local fruit from the island, like papaya, bananas, guavas, mangos, lilikoi (passion fruit), and starfruit.

Michelle cut open a young coconut so we could use the fresh coconut water. We got to eat the yummy, custardy meat inside.

These smoothies are a huge hit at her cafe and we think they’ll be a big hit in your house too!

We hope you having fun making this recipe! And if you are ever on the island of Maui make sure you stop by and visit Michelle at the Bamboo Fresh Cafe. They make lots of delicious organic breakfast and lunch dishes. Enjoy!

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