Vegan Meringue Aquafaba Cookies

It’s springtime! And the Easter Bunny is visiting soon. This year we’re going egg-free and indulging in aquafaba meringue instead! These light and fluffy cookies are vegan and, believe it or not, are made out of bean juice. We’ve been hearing so much about Aquafaba lately and have been excited to try using it in a recipe. Since Easter is here, we thought it would be a lot of fun to make some light, fluffy meringue cookies and fill our Easter baskets with them. 

Aquafaba is the liquid found in a can of beans. When beans soak or cook in water it forms a thick, goopy liquid that is a great, vegan alternative to egg whites. It fluffs up when beaten just like egg whites and is odorless and tasteless and takes on the flavors of whatever you mix with it.

In the case of these meringue cookies, we mixed in some vanilla and sugar, but you can even make them sugar free and use stevia to sweeten them instead.

Then you just start mixing it with a blender until it starts to form stiff peaks. It acts very similar to egg whites, but with aquafaba you can lick the bowl without worrying about the possibility of getting sick from eating raw eggs. And we LOVE licking the bowl!

While researching aquafaba, we learned that you can use 1 Tbsp. as a replacement for one yolk, 2 Tbsp. for one white, and 3 Tbsp. for a whole egg. Nutritionally, aquafaba is mostly water and only has about 1 percent protein to an egg’s 10 percent protein. But if you are vegan it’s a great way to make fluffy, creamy recipes without any animal products.

We made a bunch of plain white ones to look like eggs.

We also colored some with superfood powders. We used turmeric powder for yellow and beet juice powder for red. 

You can also use a naturally colored, organic food gel and squirt it on the inside of the baggie to get a cool, colorful striped design on the cookies.

We hope that you enjoy making these tasty Vegan Meringue Aquafaba Cookies! If you like these videos, please subscribe to our channel. Thanks so much for watching! And we hope that you have a very hippity hoppity Easter holiday!

Vegan Meringue Aquafaba Cookies
Light and fluffy cookies made out of aquafaba (aka bean juice!).
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  1. The liquid from 1 can of unsalted chickpeas
  2. 3/4 cup organic pure cane sugar
  3. 1 teaspoon vanilla powder
  4. 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice
  1. Superfood powders like beet juice powder, cranberry powder, turmeric, etc., or natural, organic food coloring gel.
  1. Pour the liquid from 1 can of unsalted chickpeas into a bowl and mix for about 3-5 minutes, until it gets white and creamy.
  2. Slowly add the organic pure cane sugar and vanilla powder.
  3. Finally, add the lemon juice. (You can also use cream of tarter instead of the lemon juice. The acid helps to fluff up the aquafaba. Although, you can even eliminate both and still get great meringue.)
  4. Keep mixing until you create stiff peaks.
  5. Once it is nice and thick, take a couple zip top baggies and very gently put the meringue into the baggies.
  6. If you'd like to color them before you make the cookies, you can squeeze some natural food coloring gel into the baggie and squish it around before putting the meringue in the bag.
  7. Then, cut a corner off the bag and squeeze the cookies onto parchment paper. Try to make them into the shape of a chocolate kiss, or use a frosting tip inside the bag.
  8. If you'd like to dust your cookies with color, sprinkle some superfood powder in a fine strainer and tap it gently over your cookies.
  9. Put in a preheated oven at 250 degrees and immediately reduce the heat to 175 degrees.
  10. Bake them for 2 hours then turn off the heat and let them cool in the oven for another hour or two so they don’t crack.
  1. You can make these sugar free by using stevia instead of the sugar.
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